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Since 1952, SAFAS S.A. designs, manufactures and markets high quality scientific instruments, mainly Visible Spectrophotometers and Near-UV-Visible Spectrophotometers, UV-Visible Spectrophotometers (single-beam and double-beam) as well as Near-Infra-Red, Fluorometers and Spectrofluorometers (steady-state and time resolved TCSPC), Luminometers, Atomic Absorption and Emission Spectrophotometers, Infra-Red Spectrophotometers (Dispersive and Fourier Transform FTIR), Elisa Readers, Multidetection Microplate Readers, as well as various kinds of analyzers (dissolution testing, milk proteins, mercury analyzer, hydrocarbon analyzer, cfDNA cell-free DNA analyzer and reagents, etc...) as well as custom made analyzers for OEM. We are also able to design special instruments, accessories and software for specific applications, and we have many useful options (measurements in situ via fiber optics, dewars, auto-samplers, integrating spheres for reflectance and quantum yield, automatic injectors with auto priming and washing, etc...).

In their advertisements, many manufacturers promise you the future today... but if you compare, their technical solutions sometimes seem to come from the past or to be mistaken, and their history doesn’t highlight any major breakthrough. On the contrary, our history proves our permanent technological leadership since 1952, which is especially true on our current range of innovative instruments. Winner of several official Innovation Awards, SAFAS has for example been the inventor of many technologies in the field of spectroscopy and medicine which have become standards of the market, like the first monochromator grating spectrophotometers and spectrofluorometers, the first real-time oxymeters, the first grating monochromator multidetection readers, the first robotized readers with zero transfer time, the first fluorescence and bioluminescence units which can be validated on certified and connected standards, the first microplate readers with built-in auto-calibration standards, etc... SAFAS has also gained a name in the world of spectroscopy thanks to unparallelled performances, disruptive technologies, smart solutions, powerful and easy-to-use software, outstanding reliability even in intensive use, and overall a competent assistance and efficient service, with strong experience in Quality Management for which we have solutions unique on the market.

We are proud to trustfully serve since several decades many prestigious private and public laboratories, among which research centers, pharmaceutical and petrochemical groups, hospitals, vaccine manufacturers, military and nuclear centers, environmental and governmental laboratories, biotech companies as well as many startups and schools who love our low ownership costs, ruggness and long term reliability. Moreover our exclusive SUSTAINABLE SPECTROSCOPY concept is a strong commitment against programmed obsolescence, efficiently supporting SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, as well as an efficient guarantee of return on investment for all our customers: we have scalable technologies, free software updates (excepted software from other vendors, for example driving some accessories) and long term assistance as well as spare parts availability... why don’t you enter in our world of performance, innovation, sustainability and commitment to customer satisfaction?

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SAFAS - manufacturer of Spectrophotometers (UV, Visible, Atomic Absorption, Infra-Red, Fluorescence), Spectrofluorometers, Luminometers, Multidetection Microplate Readers, Elisa, Analyzers
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